What We Stand For

We strive to create an ambiance that reflects what we hope will feel like a premium-dining experience for guests and mirror the quality and care our staff takes to craft our beverages and food.


Quality & Healthiness

We care about product quality and serve an extraordinary boba drink, delicious crepes, and the best cup of coffee. We don’t only make them tastier but healthier too.



We create a friendly, diverse environment for our team and customers and do our parts in the environmental protection


Spirit of Craftsmanship

We are devoted to consistently delivering the the highest quality products and service with determination, precision, concentration, patience and persistence

Ritual Coffee Roasters


We are dedicated to creating and bringing a multicultural environment with Jian Bing, Tea/Milk Tea and Coffee.

"For a better tomorrow, choose your unique lifestyle, save the planet and enjoy our best victual"

Media Reports


Organic Beijing-Style Jianbing and Bubble Tea Arrive in Downtown Berkeley

Its focus on organic and thoughtfully sourced ingredients and its attention to detail in the making every item on its menu comes across whether you order a boba drink, latte or one of its signature Beijing-style jianbing, a popular breakfast street food originating from Northern China…


Café Spotlight: One Plus, Berkeley

“We really wanted to build near a university too, particularly one with lots of international students. We thought that the young, diverse, foodie crowd in Berkeley would be the perfect target audience for our unique, quality-driven concept…”


Boba Café, Creperie One Plus Continues Operation Amid Pandemic

One Plus only uses organic ingredients. One Plus’ goal is to “grow education about what to eat, what to drink, what is real food. That is why we try to use organic”, owner and manager Yezi Sha said…