One Plus is a unique café that cares about quality. We’re known as an extraordinary boba drink house with crepes yet serving the best cup of coffee.

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To bring earth-conscious and wellness-oriented folks
the best quality of food and beverages.

Chinese Crepe

Our Mission

One Plus cares about product quality. We not only make them tastier but also healthier.

One Plus will make its best effort to create an elegant, culture-blended environment. We treat both our customers and staff in a manner in which we ourselves would want to be treated, (or better!) without discrimination.

One Plus protects our environment. We are dedicated to using all compostable products.


Why We have One Plus

One Plus is an inclusive company dedicated to creating and bringing an environment of culturally diverse foods with Jian Bing, Tea/Milk Tea, and Coffee.

Yezi, Food Visionary, and Tea and Coffee Connoisseur

Yezi, a Beijinger, mom to three cats and three dogs, graduated from UCSD where she majored in EE and Math. She has lived in the Bay area for more than 20 years. With a passion for healthy yet tasty food and drinks, she is building a unique, women-owned business dedicated to helping the environment and wild animals.



Our coffees are from the Ritual Coffee Roasters. They are one of the best 3rd wave coffee roasters that focus on single-origin and fair-trade coffees. They are best known for light roasts that highlight brightness and clarity.


Jian Bing

It all starts with a Jian Bing, the Chinese Crepe, a type of healthy street food with the stamp of China. “It has always been a big problem for me that nobody offers a Chinese Jian Bing here in the US with the authentic flavor that I remember from my childhood”, says Yezi, the founder of One Plus. On a mission to share the taste of authentic Jian Bing, Yezi founded One Plus, even creating vegetarian and gluten-free diet options for the street food she loves.



Tea culture is an essential part of Asian or Chinese culture, just like the coffee culture in western countries. Tea lovers will definitely understand that experienced tea-tenders can extract a better flavor from teas. Our tea-tender knows the best brewing temperature, time, and methods for the different high-end teas we offer.

Milk/Fruit tea became an extremely popular drink, not only in most Asian countries but also here in the Bay. Unlike how it was traditionally made by using powder or flavor enhancer, all of our teas are fresh brewed daily with loose leaves and all our fruit purees are made in-house with organic fruit.


Why We Came Up This Name

One of the most frequently asked questions at One Plus is why we came up with this name.

Well, what does One mean?

One: being a single unit or thing; being one in particular; being the same in kind or quality; the number denoting unity; a single person or thing; an individual of a vaguely indicated group; going from nothing to something...

For us, “one” means that we are “one in particular,” because we strive to consistently deliver the highest quality of product and service. We strive to “be the same in quality, maintaining the same kind of high quality again and again. As a multicultural company, we create a friendly and diverse environment for our team and customers, operating “in unity.”. We say no to artificial flavorings and non-dairy creamers, setting us apart from competitors as “one in particular.”

Finally, the + over the One helps us remember that we can do something additional. We think it matters to work harder at protecting our planet while enjoying the best victual.